twenty four

The Spirit lifted me up and I [Ezekiel] heard behind me the voice of a great earthquake: “Blessed be the glory of the Lord from its place”… I sat there overwhelmed. [Ezek 3:12 &15]
Overwhelmed: astonished, put to silence, awestruck
I have a ticket dated March 4th . A ticket to begin my journey. Boston to Toronto to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Entebbe, Uganda to my home for the next 2 years Jinja, Uganda. In twenty-four days I will live in Africa. In twenty- four days I will be Mommy Tina. Twenty-four days. February, the shortest month of the year. February, with the moon shining reflecting white snow whispering the Lord’s promise: I will never never leave you, I am always here. Then March holds the unknown. But the Lord has gone before me in preparations. He has chosen me to serve in Africa. Chosen before the foundation of the world.. How can I not stand in awe of this plan? How can I not be astonished? Overwhelmed? I am overwhelmed by emotion and excitement. I am beyond excited to meet these children. Overjoyed to start this chapter of my life. Overwhelmed with preparations. The lists are endless. Note-cards full of lists of things waiting to be crossed off. Lists of things not to be forgotten, left behind. Overwhelmed by my to-do-list. Overwhelmed by the idea of leaving family and friends to live in a country I have never even visited before. I know the Lord has prepared me, and my heart is overwhelmed. Twenty- four days.

Please pray with me and for me as I prepare my heart and and my luggage.